Artist Spotlight: Laura Mvula shines in definitive second album “The Dreaming Room”


Soul singer-songwriter Laura Mvula released a vivid and transcendent album  with her masterwork The Dreamig Room. Mvula hails from Birmingham, England and has journeyed a unique path towards notoriety. She has been in an a cappella group, a jazz/neo soul group, and even directed a community gospel choir. Mvula started writing songs while working as a teacher in a secondary school in Birmingham. After toiling in the cycle of creating demos and sending them to various outlets, Laura’s music finally reached the right hands.

After many showcases Mvula signed with RCA, a Sony subsidiary. Her first album under the label’s umberella was Sing To The Moon. It was released March 4th, 2013. Sing Me To The Moon achieved great critical acclaim. She later recorded an orchestral version of the record with the Metropole Orkest.

Mvula released the first single from her current album in January 2016 called “Overcome”. The track is a collaboration with Nile Rodgers. The song was promoted on several television broadcasts and live performances. The tracks “People” and “Phenomenal Woman” served as follow ups to “Overcome”. “Phenomenal Woman” became the second official single of the release.

The Dreaming Room was released on June 17th, 2017. The third single from the album is “Show Me Love”. Mvula’s new project is unconfined. The sound is not genre laden and it emits originality. The album is bold, ambitious, and is vocally distinguished. Sometimes in the landscape of music, the fire of a listener’s anticipation can be extinguished by redundant and generic works. The Dreaming Room is an artistic torch that brims with the igniting spark of pure talent.

Listen to The Dreaming Room here:

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