Artist Spotlight: Ro James answers the call in debut “Eldorado” 

Ro James, American singer-songwriter from New York, has created a shockwave in R&B and music with his first album Eldorado. The album’s buzz is only a precursor of more things to come for this artist.

As a young man, James was always singing but never in public. He developed a real love for Prince and Purple Rain. His aunt was once a singer for the legendary musician.

His love for music led him into the studio at the age of 19. Later Ro James was credited on the track Use Me  by R&B act Miguel after the two bonded on Myspace.

After touring New York City and other areas he released the EP Coke, Jack, and Cadillacs in 2013. The thematic EP symbolized elements of his early life, his first drink, car, and love. One highlight track from the release was A.D.I.D.A.S.

Ro James later signed with ByStorm Entertainment, a subsidiary of RCA. Soon, under the helm of a major record label, he released the single Permission which peaked at 13 on the Adult R&B songs chart.

His debut album Eldorado was released on May 27, 2016 and opened at #3 on the Billboard R&B album charts.

The album’s breaks the audience free from the assembly line of R&B sounds that has resurfaced through the years. Each song on Eldorado has its own identity and dynamic. These melodic and rhythmic tracks accompanied by  James’ entrancing  vocals, is musical magic.

Be sure to look out for more from this R&B up and comer and listen to Eldorado:

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Leave Usher’s “Crash” alone!! 

So what if he looks like he got a haircut from Plato’s drunk barber on the cover. This is Usher people! Based off numerous responses and critical reviews, Usher’s new single “Crash” isn’t getting a lot of love. The song’s casual and tempered vibe is accompanied by a falsetto based chorus. The chill melody may not get you on the dance floor, but it’s certainly not skip button material.

Listen here: