Top 5 albums/EPs Picks of the week

Top 5 albums released this week:

  • F.M.A. by Grace (Pop)

19 year old singer-songwriter Grace Sewell’s debut album (Forgive My Attitude) is a very good vocal display and follow up to last year’s hit single “You Don’t Own Me”

  • California by Blink-182 (Alt Rock)

The seventh album from this famous and polished band. “Bored To Death” was the first single from the release and the hit became their first number one single in over twelve years.

  • You In All The Wrong Ways by Sara Watkins (Folk, Bluegrass, Country)

This is Sara’s third solo release outside of the bank Nickel Creek.The album has a mature sound and great storytelling. This is front woman with something to say and the artistry to illustrate it.

  • Waking at Dawn by Roy Woods (Rap)

The debut for this OVO rapper is a complete vibe out album. “Gwan Big Up Urself” is a dancehall track that spotlights this artist’s genre diversity.

  • The Bride by Bat For Lashes (Art Pop, Electronica) 

This boundary pushing release from this English singer songwriter is a revelation. The album has cool sonic sounds, dark intrigue, and eerily striking lyrics.

Honorable mention: 
A Gorgeous Fortune by KAMAU

Morning listening party: Grace “F.M.A”

19 year old Australian singer-songwriter Grace Sewell, stage name Grace, released her debut album today. F.M.A. (Forgive My Attitude) displays a wide range of strong sound and soulful mystique. Her debut single was released last year, a collaboration with American rapper G-Easy. The track, a rendition of the 60’s stark anthem “You Don’t Own Me” achieved great success.

F.M.A. serves as a pleasant surprise in the pop landscape as Grace offers sharp and impressive vocals that are surely the signature of each track.

Listen to FMA: