LeAnn Rimes inks new deal with RCA UK and teases new music

LeeAnn Rimes returns with a new single ‘The Story’, set to be released worldwide on Friday, June 24th. The track’s release will be followed by her 16th studio album.

“‘The Story’ is a song that resonates with me as WE are all a part of one collective, universal story. I fully embrace the journey I am on and have a deeper understanding of how every piece of my story serves a purpose in my evolution as a woman and an artist.This song is not only a love song but a song of self-acceptance and appreciation for life.” the Grammy winner states.

She’s been in the spotlight recently for private issues that have gone public. A result of that sensationalism and notoriety has been anxiety and stress. “I lost my mind in private. I’ve gone through a lot, every transition and every feeling that goes along with being a child star… I can see now why at 33 things happened the way they did and all of these lessons I’ve learned. But it was hell at times,” she explained to British newspaper The Sun

LeAnn looks to reemerge refreshed and ready to share new music with the world. Mark your calendars for June 24th.